Our goal here at C.E. Clarke & Son, Inc. is to provide the highest quality materials handling equipment and storage equipment. To succeed in this goal though, we must go beyond just selling casters, wheels, or hand trucks, and provide valuable knowledge, experience, service, and support for all of our products. 

In addition to the many casters, wheels, and materials handling products we provide here at C.E. Clarke & Son, Inc., we also provide a number of services to assist you with your materials handling needs and ensure that you get the right product, a product that works as it should, and one that we can stand behind. Listed below are some of the services we offer to accomplish this. Most of these services will be limited to Richmond, VA and the surrounding areas, but feel free to contact us with any questions regarding these services. 


If you are replacing casters or wheels on existing equipment, we can match nearly any required specifications. Whether you need to match an overall caster height, a mounting plate, a wheel size and material, or a bolt hole pattern, our experience with and knowledge of our many suppliers' product offerings will allow us to find the right caster or wheel for you. We also have the ability to cross-reference one caster brand to another. This allows us to offer the best pricing and highest quality products without sacrificing specifications. 


We stock a variety of hand truck parts and components for aluminum or steel hand trucks, and can diagnose and replace just about anything that is not welded or formed to a hand truck. We also offer installation of options for your existing hand truck such as folding nose extensions or different style handles, wheels, or plates. The list below includes many of the common parts we can replace on two-wheel hand trucks, as well as convertible (also called: 4-wheel or breakdown) hand trucks. 

Wheels or wheel bearings
Stairclimbers or nylon stairclimber wear strips
Full frame replacement or re-riveting cross members
Nose or toe plate
Wheel axle
Wheel brackets
Convertible hand truck casters
Convertible hand truck swing arm and latch components
Mounting hardware for components


Appliance dollies, also known as appliance trucks, have a few parts and components that occasionally need repair or replacement. As with our standard hand trucks, we can replace anything that is not welded or formed to the hand truck. Common repairs include:

Wheel or bearing replacement
Ratchet, spring, ratchet housing, and strap replacement
Protective vinyl strip replacement
Installation of felt padding on plates and frames
Handle or cross member replacement on magnesium trucks


We offer limited repairs on most major brands of manual pallet jacks. With most major brands, we can match up parts using the make and model of the pallet jack. In many cases, we can match parts on specification only. We do not repair seal kits within the hydraulic pump, though we can provide the kits to you. Common pallet truck repairs we make are as follows: 

Replace load rollers or steer wheels
Replace entire hydraulic pump unit
Replace handles and handle components
Refill hydraulic fluid
Bearing replacement
Axle replacement


If you are in the Richmond, VA and surrounding area we will come to your plant or warehouse to perform a survey of any materials handling equipment you may use. We will then keep this list on record, with references to the specific use, so that when repairs or replacements are needed, you can just reference your equipment and we can look up the rest. This service is offered at our discretion depending on specific needs of each customer, so please contact us if you are interested in this service.
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